What is overseeding

What is Overseeding?

Your athletic field, though it may look robust, can go dormant during the winter season. When this happens, you can expect the vibrancy of your field to fade and look unappealing. But don’t fret about its looks, There’s an easy and simple solution that will help keep your field looking fresh. And it involves the process of overseeding. “But what is overseeding?”, you might ask. Overseeding, generally, is the practice of adding seeds to improve the appearance and usability of the turf during winter months. It’s a simple solution to keeping your field looking lively and playable all year long. If you’re interested in using overseeding for your Palm Beach County athletic field. or you wish to learn more, then continue reading below.

Overseeding Process

The process of overseeding involves good seed-to-soil contact. In order to pull this process off successfully, all methods require that the seed penetrates deep past the existing grass and thatch layer to reach the soil. Procedures such as core or spike aeration create holes within the soil allowing seeds to be planted. There is also slit seeding, which cuts through the turf and deposits the seeds within the slit. There are other different procedures, but the ultimate goal is ensuring that seeds make it deep into the ground.

Once seeds are in the soil, they can grow and allow the vibrancy of your field to continuously exist.

Benefits of Overseeding

Thicker Turf

Because Overseeding involves deep penetration of the earth, new grass will grow in areas where it hasn’t existed before. This will help tremendously in thickening the existing turf that lays on your field. By thickening your athletic field, you’re able to increase its durability and improve its usage for playability.

Insect Resistance

With increased durability, no more small pests or pesky insects will destroy your field. Insects are known to aid in the deterioration of athletic fields. They can eat away the grass or build mounds and unlevel the playing field (such as ants). The added resistance that overseeding supplies disallows insects from damaging your field any further. On top of that, overseeding even aids in the restoration of your field, so that it can return to its beautiful look before it was mauled by pests.

Turf Disease Resistance

With the overall improved health of its life, your athletic field will also build resistance against turf disease. Turf disease is a major killer of athletic fields. And once it takes place, you may have to completely renovate the field, which can be a huge hindrance for both you and guests. Overseeding helps keep your athletic field long-lasting by enhancing its strength and reducing risks of its destruction.

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