3 Tips to Caring For a Baseball And/Or Softball Field

3 Tips to Caring For a Baseball And/Or Softball Field

Your baseball and/or softball field is a valuable asset to own or manage in today’s day and age. Its continuous use is based upon how you carefully maintain it. But if you’re entirely sure how to properly care for it, don’t worry. Haverland AG Innovations is more than experienced in sports field maintenance and can tell you exactly what you should do to ensure your field is in its best shape. Below are 3 tips for properly caring for your baseball or softball field.

Caring For a Baseball And/Or Softball Field

Broom & Infield Grass Edges on a Regular Basis

Some infield material will usually find its way onto your field’s infield grass edges regardless of how well you properly drag patterns. Users often tend to track infield material into the grass also during standard field usage. To make sure this doesn’t become a problem, you should frequently use a wide broom to sweep any material away from/off the grass edge back into the infield skinned area. With an infield irrigation hose, you can wash any infield mix back onto the skinned area on occasion. Doing so will keep grass edges clean and will prevent any lip buildup.

Cover Mound & Home Plate Circle With a Tarp

When your field is not in use, you should cover the mound and home plate with a tarp to ensure consistent moisture levels. By doing so, you’ll be able to prevent surface erosion from irrigation and/or rain.

Excess moisture caused by rain or an irrigation system can negatively affect your pitcher’s mounds and batter boxes.

Mow Your Field Every Other Day

Having a mowing regimen with an exceptionally well-calibrated mower will help you to create a great stand of turfgrass that is resilient to weeds. Unfortunately, it can be often difficult to perform the needed mowing on baseball and softball fields every other day. If you’re burdened with carrying out such a responsibility, opt-in to hiring a professional sports field maintenance service provider. If your baseball or softball field is in South Florida, feel free to contact the professionals over at Haverland AG Innovations. We’ll be more than glad to help you maintain your field and even provide expert advice if needed.

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