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When you have debris and dead grass build up on your field, it can wreak havoc on your grass, causing brown spots that prevent your grass from looking its best and even eventually killing your grass. Verticutting removes thatch, dead grass, and other unwanted build-ups from your field. The removal of thatch and other debris is an integral step in maintaining your athletic field and should be part of your year-round maintenance plan. If you have a golf course, Soccer field, football field, or even your own private lawn in Broward County, Palm Beach County, or Miami-Dade County, it’s time to find out how your field can benefit from verticutting.  But, before we dive into the benefits of verticutting, let’s answer the obvious question of just what is verticutting.


Verticutting, otherwise known as vertical mowing is the process of removing thatch build-up from your fields. Thatch is a layer of organic matter that accumulates on a lawn or field around the base of the grass plants. Thatch is a combination of living and dead plant matter including crowns, stolons, rhizomes, and roots. Thatch can build up over time and if left unchecked, can essentially stifle your grass and eventually destroy it.

Verticutting uses a machine similar to a lawnmower, except that it has many vertical blades instead of 1 horizontal blade. This machine is designed to cut small grooves in the lawn down through the thatch layer allowing the seed to drop into the soil. This will give you long lines of grass growing up through the thatch layer. This is a good way to seed in very thin and bare areas.


Verticutting your lawn involves removing the buildup of thatch by using a verticutting machine and a rake to pull up the dead layers of organic matter that has accumulated on top, in-between, and beneath your grass. Care should be taken when verticutting as to not damage or even uproot the grass. For this reason, it is recommended that you hire a professional company that specializes in verticutting to handle the job.

Verticutting is the process of removing dead material and thatch in your lawn while at the same time opening up the dense grass plant for more growing points. Since Bermuda grass and paspalum grow mostly horizontally it is important that nothing impedes its penetration in the lawn, so by lightly verticutting, you will give the grass additional growing points.

In vertical mowing or verticutting, your sports field is mowed using a mower fitted with a reel that has short blades on it. The blades cut vertically through the turf canopy to thin it without compromising the leaf growth or turf density.



Vertical mowing is a maintenance practice periodically performed on greens to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Remove excessive leaf growth that contributes to puffy, spongy surface conditions.
  • Improve mowing quality and surface smoothness.
  • Cut laterally growing stolons and promote an upright growth habit.
  • Open grooves in the turf canopy for the incorporation of sand topdressing.
  • Dislodge and remove Poa annua seedheads.

The process involves using a putting green mower fitted with thin, tightly spaced blades that cut vertically into the turf. The depth of the blades is typically adjusted 1/64-inch to 1/8-inch below the effective cutting height so that the blades penetrate the turf canopy. The goal is to thin the turf canopy while maintaining a proper balance of leaf growth and turf density.

The verticutting professionals at Haverland AG Innovations will assess your golf course to determine the frequency of which verticutting should be scheduled. Creeping bentgrass greens tend to grow faster in the spring months and Bermuda grass is more active in the summer months. The combination of showers and the Florida sun is a perfect recipe for growth. This rapid growth may require an increase in the frequency of verticutting maintenance. Have an expert monitor and recommend a verticutting frequency plan for your golf course. Trying to tackle verticutting yourself may lead to damaged greens and the opening of the turf canopy which will allow moss and algae to seep in and cause infestations.


Your lawn is an investment and the first thing visitors see when they stop by. It increases your house’s value and adds “curb appeal” to your home. You can spend many a Saturday morning watering your lawn and seeding it but without proper and regular verticutting maintenance, all that care can end up being for naught. Over time, thatch can build up and become thick enough that it starts affecting the overall health of your law. When thatch gets matted it can promote the growth of diseases and help harbor insects. It can also act as a barrier, preventing water from getting to the roots of the grass.

I don’t have to tell you how important having an adequate supply of water is to the health of your lawn, after all, you are a lawn care guru. But even the most seasoned DYI lawn care warriors need help taking care of their pride and joy lawns. Thatch can kill your lawn so it is of paramount importance that you hire a professional company that specializes in verticutting such as Haverland AG Innovations to remove the thatch from your lawn and keep it alive and well.

Keeping a regular verticutting regiment will help ensure that your lawn stays healthy and green. Thatch removal via verticutting helps to aerate your lawn and make it easier to breathe and absorb more vital nutrients needed to promote healthy growth. Another benefit of verticutting your lawn is to promote upright growth. This makes for improved mow quality and makes the surface of the lawn smoother. Verticutting will prepare your lawn for the growing season and gets it ready for overseeding.


Golf courses, baseball fields, soccer fields, lacrosse fields, football fields, etc, can all benefit from verticutting. These outdoor fields are subjected to not just the elements but also the constant tugging and pulling of cleats, bouncing of balls, and hitting of clubs.

Instead of taking “plugs” out of the turf, as aeration does, verticutting slices and cuts into the soil to allow moisture, fertilizer, and nutrients to work their way into the grassroots and remove dead thatch and foliage from the turf. The blade breaks up the thatch so you can remove it much more easily.

One of the benefits of verticutting is that it creates a more even look and feel to your turf. Over time, verticutting will help the grass grow thicker and healthier than before. For the best results, you should water the grass two days before you plan to verticut or do it after a light rain. Locate and mark any underground cables, sprinkler heads, or utility lines that might be damaged by the cutting blades.


Verticutting your sports field or turf is a great way to ensure that your field stays healthy and is allowed to absorb the necessary water and nutrients needed for growth. Contact us today to schedule Broward County Verticutting, Palm Beach County verticutting, and Miami-Dade County verticutting services. Let us remove the thatch that has been plaguing your sports fields and lawns today. For any inquiries about their services, you may call us at (561) 369.7994 or visit our contact page.