Bermuda grass, although robust, may go dormant during the winter and turns of color. Overseeding Bermuda grass is the practice of adding seed to improve the appearance and playability of the turf during the winter months.

Do you need a great company to take charge of your sports field overseeding and general athletic field maintenance plan? The best company in South Florida to turn to for all sports field maintenance, including overseeding services, is Haverland AG. At our landscape maintenance company, you can count on having an exceptionally well-maintained sports field and the best overseeding services to promote healthy grass growth.

Miami Overseeding Turf Care

At Haverlang AG Innovations we specialize in restoring patchy grass, bare spots, browned grass, and thinning grass. If your turf experiences drought, insect damage, or disease, or even if it just gets a lot of use, weak spots of grass are almost inevitable. Overseeding—spreading new grass seed over existing turf—is a great way to improve the density of your lawn and enhance its color. You’ll be able to enjoy your lawn in all its majesty. 

Haverland Ag Innovations provides expert-level overseeding services in Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Miami-Dade county. Our overseeding services will yield the green lawn you have always wanted. Our turf specialists have decades of experience and are ready to provide you with the right seed mixture for your lawn and ensure your lawn is properly prepped. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment in our overseeding process, this promotes thick, strong roots and lush green turf. With our Broward county overseeding services that deploy over 1 million grass seeds per 1,000 square feet, your Broward County sports field will be the envy of other teams.  A beautiful lawn starts with high-quality grass seed and professional seeding and Haverland AG Innovations is here to provide you with the best overseeding service in South Florida. 

Haverland Ag Innovations Overseeding Process

  1. Seed Distribution

    Haverland Ag Innovations uses ground-metered technology to make sure your lawn is evenly seeded, ensuring no clumpy areas or unevenly covered sections of grass. 

  2.  Strong Seed-to-Soil Contact

    Overseeding allows for strong seed-to-soil contact that will result in healthier and thicker grass. 

  3.  No Damage Application

    Haverland Ag Innovations utilizes a tried and proven application method that has been designed to minimize damage to your lawn’s existing turf when applying seed.

Broward County Overseeding Company

Some of the areas in South Florida that we provide turf overseeding for are Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Davie, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and other nearby cities. For any inquiries about our services, contact us at (561) 369.7994 or visit our contact page.

Best athletic field overseeding and Maintenance

Haverland AG only wants the absolute best result for all customers, which is why we put our all into the maintenance process, which can include overseeding. Proper athletic field maintenance is important for a selection of reasons, including safety, attractive appearance, growth, and management. Overseeding plays a great role in all of these because it can prevent an unappealing color while allowing for healthier, stronger grass to form.

Soccer field overseeding and maintenance

When you need the best landscape team for soccer field maintenance and overseeding, Haverland AG is the company to turn to. Having a safe and playable soccer field is critical, so that’s why we make sure to perform overseeding when it’s necessary. our soccer field maintenance and overseeding services are great because we truly care about the outcome and want to provide the best possible result for an enticing field. Regardless of whether you are looking to have a professional soccer field, college soccer field, or community soccer field overseeded or undergo a proper sports field maintenance, Haverland AG wants to assist by providing the best maintenance services to leave you with a great looking field.

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    Football field overseeding and maintenance

    To get the best football field maintenance and overseeding services in South Florida, all you have to do is have Haverland AG by your side! We are all about creating well-maintained fields because safety and cleanliness are important to us. Haverland AG wants to provide a safe space for playing all football games, so when overseeding is necessary, we want to help you by taking care of the work for you.

    Baseball field overseeding and maintenance

    The way you can have the best baseball field maintenance and overseeding is by seeking out support from Haverland AG. At Haverland AG, we not only get your baseball field to look great but we can keep it looking fantastic with regular sports field maintenance. Overseeding a baseball field can be a wise part of the athletic field maintenance process because it is setting the field up for success by allowing healthy growth during seasons where it is more likely to dwindle without treatment or proper maintenance.