Top Dressing introduces new soil to existing turf, which will level the surface and promote the decomposing of thatch. Sand or compost topdressing adds nutrients to the existing soil to promote health and color.

Miami-Dade Topdressing

Haverland AG Innovations provide topdressing service in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County. We spread topdressing materials evenly across your grass to achieve a smooth surface. We recommend that topdressing be done following seeding, or over-seeding in order to protect the developing grass from damage while it is growing. Topdressing is also great for protecting your turf during the colder winter months.

We recommend having your Miami Sports field topdressed on a regular maintenance schedule along with a core Miami Fertilization program.

Topdressing Service In Boca Raton

Haverland AG Innovations provides the best topdressing services in Boca Raton and nearby cities in palm beach. We are a family-owned specialize in topdressing and other lawn and turf care services.  Our commitment is to you the customer and we pledge to leave you more than satisfied with the results of our work. Our topdressing services aids in drainage, surface stability, and thatch control.

West Palm Beach Topdressing

We are West Palm Beach’s best topdressing company. Our dedicated Palm Beach topdressing team will ensure that your turf is kept in the best condition. We use only the best topdressing materials that are specifically made and rated for sports fields. e adhere to strict specifications and methods during the topdressing process in an effort to ensure your field stays in tip-top shape. We provide topdressing services for: 

  • Football fields and stadiums
  • Municipal parks and preserves
  • Golf courses
  • Baseball fields
  • Botanical Gardens

Broward County Topdressing Company

We provide the best topdressing in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Davie, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and other nearby cities. For any inquiries about our services, contact us at (561) 369.7994 or visit our contact page.

What is Athletic Field Topdressing?

Haverland AG offers a variety of lawn maintenance services including popular athletic field topdressing. This service can be particularly important when you want maintenance services done efficiently and right. By definition, sports field topdressing is a light layer of soil and natural product for the top of turfs or fields. This soil allows for healthy grass growth, which is essential for any sports field or turf.

How Does Sports Field Topdressing Work?

Sports field topdressing is an essential part of any sports field maintenance plan because it helps the grass to continue growing. Without the right maintenance like athletic field topdressing, grass color will fade and grass will die without new grass being able to form. Topdressing should be done at specific points during the year, particularly when grass is growing and after the season for sports playing on the field has commenced. A regular schedule of sports field topdressing can even help with re-adjusting the characteristics of the soil, making it more susceptible to healthy growth.

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    Benefits of Athletic Field Topdressing

    While there are a number of benefits to having a regular sports field topdressing, you should know that it is always better to have it professionally done. It can not only be a pain to do this type of lawn maintenance service on your own but also tricky. You want to make sure that athletic field topdressing is applied correctly and efficiently. Not only will you save time when this is done right and by a professional, reputable lawn and sports field maintenance company like Haverland AG but you will also have the land prepared to grow effectively.

    With Haverland AG, you can count on high-quality service and athletic field maintenance being performed properly. No matter what your specific needs are or your sports field, Haverland AG wants to help with the proper upkeep, including with athletic field topdressing because we love to set up our clients for success! To get your free lawn maintenance quote today, you can call Haverland AG at 561-369-7994.