Verticutting, also called vertical mowing, is a process for the removal of thatch buildup on lawns. This mainly allows the field or turf to get more air, absorb nutrients better, and get necessary moisture.

What Exactly is Sports Field Verticutting?

At Haverland AG, one of our most popular services in sports field verticutting. This is because verticutting allows for a great, healthy look. Without verticutting, sports fields simply wouldn’t look the same. Haverland AG is dedicated to providing the best possible well-kept look to your athletic field and verticutting is a great way to help this happen!

How Does Athletic Field Verticutting Work?

Verticutting is an important process for controlling thatch, which is a compilation of dead stems and roots that gather on the grass in the ground. It becomes necessary to trim thatch when it grows large than half of an inch because it begins to force the healthier grass to deteriorate. Not only this but there are also bugs that hang around in the thatch. Excessive thatch is definitely not something you want to have on a sports field, especially when sports teams will be playing on the field during games!

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    Benefits of Sports Field Verticutting

    While some people may choose to rake thatch away, this isn’t the most effective or time-efficient method. Not only this but it won’t even be a long-term solution for sports field maintenance. Verticutting is a better, more efficient option. Sports field verticutting has specific blades that are able to chop away at the thatch in a must faster, more efficient way. In addition to this, verticutting doesn’t damage the fresh, newer, healthier grass. this is important for maintenance too because you don’t want to have to get rid of the good grass in order to weed out the bad.

    When you turn to Haverland AG for athletic field maintenance, you can count on the sports field verticutting being performed professionally. We have been in the business for over 20 years and know how to be precise with our athletic field maintenance efforts. When you need lawn maintenance services like sports field verticutting from a reliable athletic field maintenance company, you can count on the work performed by Haverland AG. We have the expertise and dedication you desire. Let us help you with the best sports field verticutting. Give us a call today at 561-369-7994.