How to Maintain a Sports Field in South Florida

The new year has rolled in and patrons are getting prepared to go outside again and play, which means your sports field will be used a lot. Considering that South Florida is filled with numerous sports lovers and athletes, this will mean that your sports field will take some serious bruising. Don’t worry, though, you can still provide your South Florida sports field with the care it needs. Below are some tips that you or your service provider can implement into the maintenance and care for your sports field.

Maintaining Sports Field in South Florida

One of the most prominent issues that come with the heavy use of a grass sports field is that the soil underneath the sod will begin to harden and it won’t allow water to penetrate. Due to this, this can compromise the soil’s grading which ultimately damages your grass’s ability to grow. To resolve this problem, you’ll need to make sure that the field is properly graded for water runoff before games are played on it. Regardless if it’s a park where community teams get together or it’s a university that’s in need of polishing off its football field, this is a crucial tip for proper sports field maintenance in South Florida.


You may not need to worry about this too often at the beginning of the new year but during the sports season, when activity is at its all-time high, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have repetitive overseeding done. By constantly overseeding the high-traffic areas of your field with proper grass watering, the heavy areas will remain usable and presentable long enough to last the entire season. Without the needed overseeding, the damage will be more than you can keep up with. Fortunately, when you don’t have the time or effort to overseed your South Florida sports field, you can always hire the professionals at Haverland AG Innovations to care for your field.

Providing Maintenance For Your Field When Not in Use

When the sports season is over, the best thing you can do for your field is to provide it with fertilization.

Fertilization is crucial for heavily used sports fields considering the grass will need a lot of help recovering from the wear and tear of the sports season. Speaking to a professional landscaping company, such as Haverland AG Innovation, about caring for your field will be the most ideal. With grass fields varying so much in size, grading, and other factors you’ll want to speak with an expert on the matter. You may even want to hire one to care for your field accordingly.

Choose Haverland AG Innovations to Care For Your South Florida Sports Field

If you find that you’re inexperienced in properly caring for your South Florida sports field on your own, call the professionals at Haverland AG Innovations for their expert assistance. Haverland AG Innovations is trusted by numerous patrons of South Florida for their quality work. When you choose to hire us to care for your sports field, you can best believe that your field will be completely optimized for athletic use. For any inquiries about their services, you may call us at (561) 369.7994 or visit our contact page.