What Happens if My Field isn't Mowed Regularly?

What Happens if My Field isn’t Mowed Regularly?

It’s not something you often think about when providing your field with care. But have you ever asked yourself what may happen if you don’t have your sports field mowed regularly? It seems like common sense; your field gets too patchy and it will deter patrons from using it. But did you know that other issues can arise from an unmowed field? If you didn’t know, then continue reading below. You might be surprised to find that many issues can arise from a field that isn’t regularly mowed.

Problems of an Unmowed Field

Low Appeal

The most obvious issue that arises from an unmowed field is that it will have a very unappealing appearance.

An unsightly field is often an indicator for many athletes and other patrons that you, as the owner and/or manager, don’t care for your field properly. As a result, such individuals won’t feel as if your field is optimal enough for use when they want to play sports games or perform other activities on it.

Not Optimized For Use

A sports field that isn’t regularly mowed won’t be able to be used optimally.

When your sports field is ridden with patches of grass, it can be very difficult for patrons to be able to use it to its fullest potential. Huge patches of grass can easily get in the way and it can inconvenience users as they’ll have to maneuver around them just to continue with their game or other activity. Also, with such patches of grass in the way, their presence can also increase the likelihood that users will sustain an injury.

Increased Risk of Pest Infestation

Higher grass on a field means that you won’t be able to indicate if pests are living on your field as easily as before. As a result, this increases the risk of more pest infestations.

Pests such as insects and rodents carry the potential to destroy your field. They’ll make it look unappealing, but they¬†can also inhibit plant growth and can even increase the likelihood of sustaining injuries if patrons are using your field. For this reason, you don’t only just want to hire an exterminator, but also a landscaping service to ensure that pests presence is kept at a minimum. And when you need such assistance, don’t hesitate at all in calling the professionals over at Haverland AG Innovations.

At Haverland AG Innovations, we offer clients the chance to have their fields cared for with our annual maintenance program. Moreover, we also offer weed and pest control so that your field is kept safe from all dangers.

Hire Haverland AG Innovations to Mow Your Sports Field

Now that you’re aware of the issues that arise from not having your sports field regularly mowed, make sure you give a call to the professionals of Haverland AG Innovations today! Haverland AG Innovations has been providing its quality services to numerous patrons of the South Florida region for many years, making them one of the most established and regarded. When you choose Haverland AG Innovations, you can absolutely trust that your sports field will be in the best care. To inquire about our services, you may call us at (561) 369.7994 or visit our contact page.