Sports Field Maintenance

Haverland AG Innovations Annual Maintenance Program

If you own or manage a sports field in the South Florida region then consider hiring the professional service of Haverland AG Innovations. Taking care of a sports field can be hard work and finding the right service at an affordable rate can be frustrating. But Haverland AG Innovations provides solutions to both those problems. In fact, we even offer clients the option to hire us for our annual sports field maintenance program.

For any high traffic field, especially with a sports field, a maintenance program is vital for care. Every season brings on a new issue that doesn’t just cause a break in your bank but also causes player injuries. Our annual sports field maintenance program is designed to keep your sports field safe and looking good while keeping prices down.

Continue reading below and see what our annual maintenance program offers.

Services Part of Our Annual Maintenance Program

Whether it be a new or old sports field Haverland AG Innovations offers sports field maintenance programs to restore your field and keep it in pristine condition. Our knowledgeable, expert staff have worked for decades in the industry and they can assist in keeping your field looking brand new.

Some services that accompany our annual maintenance program include:


Our experts know how to revive and sustain turf on your athletic field whenever it appears to be decaying. Our service can also prevent future decay from taking place any further. We remove small cores of soil from your turf which reduces soil compaction and promotes root growth.


Proper fertilization is the absolute key to winning a sports season. Without it, it can be challenging to keep your athletic fields as busy as you would like them to be. If your fields have dying grass it can repel athletic teams from attending your field. But with our service, we can keep it looking beautiful and healthy.


While it can be managed, there’s no way of preventing grass from continuously growing. You’ll, of course, need professional mowing performed and STO Landscape Services has you covered. We keep your field leveled correctly and ready for usage for any sports players.


Haverland AG Innovations can provide your field with the proper overseeding services. Our landscape maintenance company will grant you with an exceptionally well-maintained sports field and the best overseeding services to promote healthy grass growth.

Soil Testing

Haverland AG Innovations program is accompanied by our soil analysis, which is essential in maintaining turfgrass. By soil testing, our experts are able to know which products your field needs. This is so we understand which nutrients your turf requires.

Top Dressing

We’re able to introduce new soil to existing turf with our topdressing method, which also levels the surface and promotes the decomposition of thatch.


Also called vertical mowing, verticutting removes thatch buildup on lawns, This allows the field or turf to get more air, moisture, and absorb nutrients better.

Weed and Pest Control

Haverland AG Innovations is the best when it comes to weed and pest control. Don’t deal with pesky pests and weeds, we can do that for you. STO is here to support you with weed management and pest control services.

Benefit From our Annual Maintenance Program & Hire Haverland AG Innovations Today!

Haverland AG Innovations has long been trusted to maintain the appearance and health of countless sports fields in South Florida. We’re confided that when you hire us, you’ll be satisfied with how well your sports field can look. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 369.7994 or visit our contact page.