Benefits of Topdressing

The Process & Benefits of Topdressing

If you own or manage a sports field then you’re probably aware of the importance of top-dressing. It’s an important process in maintaining the growth of your grass and allowing your sports field to be usable. It is, however, a delicate process and one that shouldn’t be done by you alone. Even a small mistake in topdressing can negatively affect your field, disallowing usage and requiring costly repairs and/or renovations. Professionals, such as the ones at STO Landscape Services, are experienced in the process and should be the only ones to do it. But what is topdressing exactly and what are its benefits? Continue reading below to see why you should have topdressing done on your sports field.

What is Topdressing?

First used in Scotland for golf field maintenance, topdressing has become one of the most adopted landscape practices today. The process involves evenly spreading a thin layer of sand, soil, or some other similar fine compost over areas of grass. These layers are roughly ¼” and are applied with the help of special equipment (a filtering cart, a vehicle, or some other technology).

Why Have a Professional Topdress Your Field

Unless you’re a professional, it’s highly recommended that you do NOT topdress your own sports field. Many problems can occur from incorrectly topdressing any landscape. Improper topdressing results in the death and prevention of grass growth. If an uneven layer is applied then the soil underneath can’t gain water and nutrients. This can cause wet and dry areas negatively impacting the usage and appearance of your field. 

When too much topdressing is applied in one or frequent sessions then layers of thatch can become buried. Without proper aeration to correct this problem the roots will grow into the thatch layer as opposed to the soil. The turfgrass will then be vulnerable to heat, droughts, and other harmful factors.

The Benefits of Topdressing

The main benefit of topdressing is that it stimulates turfgrass growth. The reason this happens is that the process adds organic matter and compost microorganisms to your field. This helps aid in the improvement of soil biology. On top of that, topdressing allows soil structure and drainage to be modified if needed. It also smooths and flattens out uneven sports fields caused by usage and worm castings underneath the soil. An increase in soil density created by topdressing helps to reduce these problems. 

Another great benefit of topdressing is that it keeps thatch under control, ensuring your turfgrass continuously grows. And when combined with aeration, organic material penetrates deeper into the soil, further stimulating growth and creating a speedy recovery for damaged areas.

Depending on the sort of material that is used on your sports field you gain different benefits. When topdressing is done on heavy soils, compaction issues become less problematic. And it helps with water retention when done on softer, sandy grounds.

Finally, topdressing can also be utilized to stimulate growth in areas where you want more turfgrass.

Hire STO Landscape Services For Your Sports Field Topdressing Needs

If you’re in need of getting your field topdressed, don’t do it yourself. Hire the professional service of STO Landscape Services to keep your sports field’s appearance appealing and capable of usage year-round. STO Landscape Services provides athletic field maintenance to the Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County areas and can guarantee your satisfaction. If interested call us at 561-369-7994 or visit our contact page.