The Negative Effects of Pests on Your Sports Field

The Negative Effects of Pests on Your Sports Field

You probably don’t need to be told how important it is to have pests removed on your sports field. Their presence can prove to be damaging to your field’s maintenance and durability. And as a result, your field’s overall quality will falter and it can’t be used to its full potential. But what exactly are the negative effects of having pests on your fields? And why do you need to know them? If you wish to know more, then continue reading below.

Why It’s Important That You’re Aware of The Negative Effects of Pests

The ultimate reason you should know what damaging effects pests can have on your field is that knowing them means you can recognize and remove them in advance. If you don’t know what pests can do to your fields, you won’t be able to indicate their presence until the problems they cause are severe and more noticeable. Once you know them, you can assess your field’s current condition and look for potential problems that are often caused by pests. And then you can call STO Landscape to assist in their removal from their grounds.

We’ve compiled a list of sports field problems below that often occur due to the presence of pests.

General Problems Pests Can Cause On Your Sports Field


Pests can cause many problems for your sports field. For one, they can alter their appearance drastically. Even if you have only a single pest living on the field (let’s say, a mole) they only need to dig up one hole in order to make your sports field look unappealing. And in due time, if these sorts of pests aren’t removed soon, your sports field looks totally ugly. When you’re assessing your sports field, look for any holes in the ground that don’t seem to belong on your field. These are common indications of pests living in the ground of your sports field.

Unleveled Field

If pests continue to live underground, they can cause your field to become unleveled. And when they become unleveled, their usability lowers for occupants who try to use your field. Generally, your field can become unstable in some sections, disallowing athletes to play or use those sections for practice and games. A hump on the ground is usually created by an underground mammal or it could even be an ant pile. Have these obtrusions on your field removed immediately to ensure a leveled field?

Reduced Strength

Other than being unleveled, pests that live underground can disrupt the structure of your field, making some sections too soft to stand on it. This can be dangerous for athletes who are using your field, as they can accidentally step into these sections and have their legs driven into a soft spot, resulting in an injury. While walking on your field to assess it, stomp on some sections to see if they’re firm or not. A soft section could be caused by a number of factors, so it can’t be said for sure if it’s caused by pests. But keep an open mind and ask yourself if pests are to blame, and then further inspect your field for evidence of such pests.

Unhealthy For Grass

Some Pests, such as insects, rely on grass to be their main source of sustenance. When you inspect your fields, look very closely at the grass, if you find that some sections appear less full than others this might be because some pests are using your field as a source of food. Have them removed immediately so you keep your grass growing evenly and fully.

For The Ultimate Pest Control, Hire The Professionals at Haverland AG Innovations

We here at Haverland AG Innovations understand how important it is that you keep your sports field free of any insects or pests of the like. Because we’ve performed maintenance on many fields in South Florida, we’ve seen firsthand some of the damaging effects these unwanted guests do. And we want to ensure that with our help, you’ll never have to deal with these problems ever again. For any inquiries, you may call us at (561) 369.7994 or visit our contact page.