What is Verticutting & Do You Need It?

What is Verticutting & Do You Need It?

A lot can go into the maintenance and care of an athletic field. And of course, you always want to rely on the bare necessities of field maintenance when it’s needed most. But if you own or are new to owning an athletic field, you’ll come to discover that each field is actually unique in the foundation. For this reason, you’ll always want to assess your field closely and try to gain an understanding of what it is you need to give it the proper care. You might even find that you’ll need verticutting, an important process that helps with thatch buildup. But if you’re not sure what verticutting is or if you even need it, then continue reading down below. Haverland AG Innovations is well-experienced in Atheltic Field maintenance and can provide you all the information you need on this beneficial method.

What is Verticutting?

Also regarded as “vertical mowing”, verticutting is a process that involves the removal of thatch buildup from your lawn. Thatch — a layer of dead grass, debris, and roots — can build up over time between your lawn’s soil and grass. And when it’s not removed, it can destroy your field drastically. For this reason, at most times, athletic field owners will need verticutting at one point or another.

How Does Verticutting Work?

Verticutting is performed in order to remove the thatch buildup that’s residing in your athletic field. The procedure is done often with the use of a rake with tines or even a dethatching machine. However, these tools are not always practical and they can damage your lawn if you’re not careful. Which is why you should hire Haverland AG Innovations. We rely on tools that are designed to perform the perfect job.

Do I Need Verticutting?

Generally, verticutting is going to be needed for just about every athletic field. The problem that arises, however, is knowing when you need it. If you’re assessing your field and it feels spongy when you walk across it, then you have thatch buildup and you’ll need verticutting done.

For all of our clients, we typically recommend that we provide our verticutting for at least once a year in the spring or summer in order to remove the thatch before it begins to grow.

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