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Benefits of Verticutting

Verticutting is one of the most important forms of athletic field maintenance. Whether it be a baseball outfield or the green on a golf course, verticutting can save a lawn from dying or needing to be replaced. It’s a key step in preserving a lawn for as long as possible by keeping it alive and rejuvenating it. Verticutting is an extremely simple process that involves either a lawn mower or any other grass cutting device. The mower cuts deep into the ground to remove any dead grass instead of just cutting the top. Verticutting offers some vital benefits to athletic field maintenance, including:

  • Removes Thatch Buildup
  • Keep The Field Looking New
  • Improves Lifespan of the Lawn

Removes Thatch Buildup

Thatch is dead grass that builds upon the ground. It functions like a sponge and soaks up rainwater as well as sprinkler water. This ceases water flow into the roots, causing the grass to die. Microorganisms that live in the soil and provide nutrients to the roots will also die, accelerating the process of lawns dying. This can ruin an athletic field and require large patches to be replaced. This can cost much more than active maintenance with verticutting. Verticutting will reach down and remove the thatch, allowing water to trickle down back into the soil. Once the verticutting is done, the lawn is typically cut again horizontally just to keep it short.

Keeps the Field Looking New

Verticutting is great because it keeps the athletic field looking new and healthy for as long as possible. After the thatch is finally removed, water is able to seep into the soil and provide nutrients to the roots. The lawn is able to stay green for much longer than it should and continues to have thatch under the grass. The process of verticutting, followed by regular athletic field maintenance makes the field look as though it was freshly installed that same day. This is how professional baseball fields are able to go several months without having to replace patches of grass unless they’ve been damaged by play.

Improves Lifespan of the Lawn

Thatch being removed allows for water to heal and restore grass that is still living, extending its lifespan. It also encourages new growth to sprout up, keeping entire fields of grass green for a long period of time. Water that makes it past the removed thatch also feeds the microorganism in the soil, which provides other nutrients that also feed the roots of the grass. Everything combined can keep grass living well after its expected lifespan. Verticutting keeps grass healthy for a long time and is extremely important for athletic field maintenance.

Verticutting is an extremely important step in athletic field maintenance. When looking for a company to take care and treat an athletic field properly, make sure to check out Haverland AG Innovation. They’re experts in maintaining athletic fields, and love to take other fields or stadiums to the next level. To get a free maintenance quote, call Haverland AG Innovation at 561-369-7994 today!