All About Aerification

Athletic fields require a lot of maintenance and the process of Aerification is certainly important for athletic fields. Various types of fields all need this process to be more effective. Athletic field aerification is important to the appearance of a field and its function. The purpose of aerification is a special treatment that allows oxygen to reach grass at its roots. As a result, this brings new growth and allows for new turf to grow in areas with much activity.

Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is the reduction of soil volume due to outside factors. Over time, foot traffic (and the use of machinery) tends to place the soil under the putting green. As a result, the soil becomes compacted and the roots are crushed, left without little or no oxygen. The process of aerification will fix this problem by creating more airspace and allowing for deeper rooting. This will allow for healthy grass plants.


This is a build up of dead stems, leaves, and roots. As a result, this brings organic matter but an overabundance can allow for diseases and insects. Using a topdressing with sand can prevent further build up. This is one of the most effective ways of reducing an existing layer of thatch.


This method of aerification uses a machine with sharp metal blades to allow for water and oxygen to reach the roots. Although the results are not long lasting, spiking causes little disruption so this can be done during a game season.

Additional Methods

There also other methods that are part of the aerification process. One is the use of a machine with “tines” or knives that create small holes through the soil. In addition to this technique, a high-pressure water machine injects small holes in order to relieve compaction.

Best Time Aerification

During the fall is typically the best time to aerify a grass field. The spring and summer months are where athletic fields are being used frequently. Most fields are not being used and turf roots are preparing for the winter.

This process is essential for all athletic fields because of the play from foot traffic, and equipment. It allows for renewing the turf and enhancing growth and keeps it durable during harsh conditions. Having a green and healthy field will certainly be more attractive and better functioning.

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