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When Is It Time To Repair and Maintain Your Sports Field Complex?

Every sports team wants their home turf to look great at the start of a season, but there are many reasons why sports field maintenance and repair throughout the season are important for the facilitation of the sports activity. An improperly maintained sports field can become damaged to the point of needing repair in order for it to be played on. Nobody wants to play on a poorly maintained field, so whether it be drainage, weed control, or some other form of maintenance, it’s extremely necessary to be accomplished quickly and professionally.

When to Consider Sports Field Maintenance

Every competitive sport should have an aesthetically pleasing environment and a well-maintained playing area. The morning of any sporting event is necessary to check for any issues with the sports field, but it may be too late if any major issues exist. Small holes can potentially cause players to trip and injure themselves, so they should be filled with sand until some sod is brought in to replace the old broken piece of field. Natural fields with sprinkler systems should make sure that not only the automatic watering system doesn’t turn on during the event, but also so that none of the sprinkler heads get stuck out of the ground.

Deciding when to prepare a field depends a lot on the resources available. If a non-specialized team of maintenance workers takes care of the field, it can take much longer than a specialized group of sports field repairmen, and may not be up to the necessary standard. Everything from the number of weeds on the field to how bumpy the ground is can negatively affect the upcoming match and impact how it’s played all the way to the final seconds. This makes constant sports field maintenance and skilled sports field repair professionals an absolute necessity.

Sports Field Repair Options

Haverland AG Innovations has field maintenance experts who are able to provide better sports field maintenance that can fit a budget within a short time frame. We will get any sports field in great shape in preparation for a season or event. Some of the many services we can provide include:

  • Soil Testing
  • Fertilization
  • Weeds
  • Aerification
  • Topdressing
  • Mowing
  • Insect Control
  • Irrigation

Every field is different and has different needs. Haverland AG Innovations provides specialized services based on what is necessary. Call one of our sports field maintenance specialists today to discuss signing up for an annual maintenance program. Contact us now at (561) 369-7994 to get a free maintenance quote on your sports field.