Best Sports Field Maintenance Company in West Palm Beach

Utilizing the best sports field maintenance company in West Palm Beach is a no brainer! Providing a safe and healthy playing surface requires a dedicated company like Haverland AG that prides itself on the commitment to excellence. Our professional landscapers will maintain your equestrian & athletic fields to keep players performing at their best levels. All of our experts are all highly trained in providing the best sports field maintenance in West Palm Beach. For sports landscaping in West Palm Beach, look no further than Haverland AG.

Sports Field Maintenance in West Palm Beach

As you may know, sports are played year-round in South Florida. It is important for you to have a company like Haverland AG that offers professional sports field maintenance for all your athletic field needs. Since there is minimal downtime with sports being played year-round, it is important to have a company in place that provides schedule flexibility. We will help create a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly maintenance schedule for your ideal sports field maintenance needs in West Palm Beach. Sports landscaping is an important part of maintaining a sports field, and we can assist with exactly that.

Our Sustainable Athletic Field Maintenance Plans include:


Removal of small cores of dirt or soil from your grass or turf is the process known as aerification. This process is used to help reduce soil compaction, thatch buildup, and promotes root growth. Many athletic fields are put to the test especially since they are used year-round. This method is essential in helping sustain and revive your field’s look and overall health throughout the year.


Fertilization is essential for overall grass and turf health as well. The combination of setting a watering schedule and fertilization keeps your grass or turn weed-free all year long. Timing is everything when applying fertilizer. Most companies think you just throw it down on your grass and pray for miracles. The experts here at Haverland AG are highly trained to turn miracles into reality! Soil conditions play a big part in when fertilizer is applied. In turn, when applied at the wrong times it can have zero effect on your grass or turf.


Watering and fertilizing are key parts of sustaining and maintaining rich, green athletic fields. Mowing, for instance, is like giving your grass or turf a scheduled haircut. It is an essential part of maintaining a strong and healthy athletic field. You have many options on how you mow your grass or turf looks. Similarly, mowing in different directions has different effects and looks it provides. Since the blades are rotating one way going in one direction, when you change directions the blades are now rotating another direction. From afar, you can notice the different looks this provides. We utilize golf course style mowers that provide a flawless cut every single time. Mowing is among the most important parts of sports landscaping in West Palm Beach.


Utilizing this method is commonly used during the winter months and or dry season. Overseeding is the addition of seeding to your Bermuda grass or turf. In turn, this helps with promoting the grass to grow year-round combined with optimal conditions. Trust the professionals at Haverland AG with your overseeding needs on your athletic fields.


This process consists of adding new soil to existing grass or turf in order for the absorbing of nutrients to take place and helping with decomposing of thatch. Applying this also allows for patching and leveling out of surfaces to promote a rich and healthy green color.

Soil Testing

Soil testing plays an important part in the overall health of your sports fields. This method is used to determine how rich the soil is and what the soil may be lacking. Once the grass or turf is receiving the right nutrients, only then can you ensure your grass or turf is properly cared for. Nonetheless, leave it to the experts at Haverland AG for all your soil testing in Fort Lauderdale.

Thatch buildup on your grass-turf can be a nuisance. For instance, utilizing the mowing technique verticutting, it allows you to break up the accumulation of dead roots and grass at the base of your grass blades. Mowing in a checkerboard style also helps remove unneeded moisture and allows for the grass to absorb more nutrients. Call us today to ask how this process can benefit your grass health.

Weed and Pest Control

Beautiful athletic fields are a big draw when it comes to hosting sporting events. Do not let weeds and pests destroy your beautiful manicured Bermuda grass-turf. If treated properly with pesticides and fertilization, we can combat the effects of these pesky creatures.

Equestrian Property Maintenance in West Palm Beach

High-quality equestrian property maintenance in West Palm Beach is another service we provide. Trust in Haverland AG Innovations utilizes only the best technology, products, and tools to ensure your equestrian property is beautifully maintained before and after use.

Do You Need Sports Field Maintenance in West Palm Beach?

Are you looking for sports field maintenance and sports landscaping in West Palm Beach? Haverland AG has you covered as they service all of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. No matter the field, baseball, football, soccer field or golf course,  just know we excel and provide the best landscape professionals in West Palm Beach. We utilize only the best technology, products, and equipment. Also, whatever your schedule may be, either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, we accommodate. Above all, let Haverland AG take your sports field maintenance needs to the next level!


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