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Boynton Beach has some of the best sports fields in the county! Having a company like Haverland AG Innovations provides the best sports field maintenance in Boynton Beach is crucial for hosting year-round sporting events. Athletic and equestrian fields are all high-use and high-performance areas. These playing fields require an ample amount of year-round maintenance for all athletes to perform at high levels. Haverland AG’s staff has provided high-quality sports field maintenance in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties for over 2 decades. All of our professionals are trained and knowledgeable when it comes to the care of all-natural grass surfaces. We’re the experts in sports landscaping in Boynton Beach.

Sports Field Maintenance in Boynton Beach

We are South Florida’s leading Bermuda grass specialists dedicated to sports field maintenance. Haverland AG offers many services that are catered to your specific sports field maintenance needs in Boynton Beach. Our landscape experts will create and cater to your maintenance schedule needs. Whether its a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly maintenance schedule, we will accommodate. Due to sports being played year-round, it doesn’t provide much downtime for fields to recoup once a season has ended. It is imperative to have a sports field maintenance company caring and maintaining your fields and courses all year. Sports field maintenance and sports landscaping go hand in hand in Boynton Beach, and Haverland AG is here for you to provide both.

Our Sustainable Athletic Field Maintenance Plans include:


Aerification is used to break down the build-up of thatch, reduce soil compaction, and allow root growth. The process consists of removing small cores of soil or dirt from the grass or turf helping it recover and revive its overall look and health. Aerification is an often overlooked aspect of sports landscaping in Boynton Beach, but at Haverland AG, we make sure to keep all of our bases covered.


Maintenance of your athletic field is also important. Fertilization can only happen when soil conditions are optimal. Knowing when that time is, takes a professional. Other companies just spread it around and cross their fingers wishing for the best. Don’t leave fertilization to just anyone, trust the experts at Haverland AG for your fertilization needs.


Once fertilization and a watering schedule have taken place, mowing your athletic field is crucial for regrowth and longevity. Nothing looks better than a freshly manicured athletic field. Directional mowing can also play into the look of your field or course. Depending on the direction, the blades rotate a certain way and brush the grass in one direction. When you change directions, mowing a different direction can make it look lighter or darker compared to the direction you just went. Gold course style mowers are used to give a precision cut on every cut.


During the winter months and or dry season, your athletic field can get dry and overused. It’s important that overseeding is used to help care for your athletic field during that time. This process is the additional use of seeding to your Bermuda grass or turf. In turn, this ensures the grass to grow during the dry season. Haverland AG handles all your overseeding needs on your sports fields.


New soil is needed when there are uneven surfaces and patching taking effect in your turf-grass. This process is called topdressing. It is utilized to decompose the build-up of thatch and lets your grass absorb the necessary nutrients to produce a rich and robust look and feel.

Soil Testing

Testing of the soil is another important part of sports field maintenance. This tells you if your grass is getting enough water and nutrients to keep your grass as healthy as can be. The scientific stuff can get a little confusing but not to worry, the professionals at Haverland AG in Boynton Beach will handle all your soil testing needs.

Using a mowing technique that fights against thatch buildup is verticutting. Thatch is an accumulation of dead grass, roots, and debris at the base of the blades of grass. When this accumulates at the base of your turf-grass, it will not allow your grass to receive the necessary nutrients. Verticutting can help remove the excess moisture and the dead layer of grass.  In turn, mowing in a checkerboard style helps break this up. Call us today and learn more about how our process can benefit your grass health.

Weed and Pest Control

Pests and weeds are all too common and not fun to deal with. If not treated promptly, these can overtake your athletic field and cause chaos. They are both treatable, however, they take an ample amount of time to fix the damage they can cause. The use of fertilizer and pesticides is your best course of action to combat these field eaters. Give us a call to assess your sports fields’ weed and pest problem.

Equestrian Property Maintenance in Boynton Beach

The professionals at Haverland AG also specialize in equestrian property maintenance. Using only the high-quality products and newest technology available allows us to properly care for and maintain your Boynton Beach equestrian property. Equestrian field and property maintenance are essential to the performance of your horses. Key maintenance areas to focus on are: applying fresh grass seed, drainage, soil testing, and manure management. Entrust Haverland AG for the best equestrian field and pasture maintenance.

Do You Need Sports Field Maintenance in Boynton Beach?

Are you looking for sports field maintenance in West Palm Beach? Haverland AG has you covered as they service all of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. No matter the field, baseball, football, soccer field, or golf course,  just know we excel and provide the best landscape professionals in West Palm Beach. We utilize only the best technology, products, and equipment. We also work around your schedule. Whether your needs are daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, we accommodate. At the end of the day, let Haverland AG take your sports field maintenance needs to the next level! For sports landscaping in Boynton Beach, look no further than Haverland AG.



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