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Regular sports field maintenance plays a vital role in any player’s performance and safety. Allowing players to focus on their performances without the added concern of field conditions gives them one less thing to worry about. Haverland AG provides extensive knowledge and training to ensure the best sports field maintenance is executed in Boca Raton, no matter the weather conditions.

Sports Field Maintenance in Boca Raton

We offer the best sports field maintenance in Boca Raton. Haverland AG offers a wide range of services and will cater a maintenance plan to your athletic field needs. Whether its a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly maintenance schedule, we will accommodate. Sports in South Flordia are played all year round and it is critical that you keep your athletic fields looking their best. Your athletic fields say a lot about you, don’t leave their care in the hands of just anyone. Looking for sports landscaping in Boca Raton? Call the professionals at Haverland AG!

Our Sustainable Athletic Field Maintenance Plans include:


Aerification is the process of removing small cores of dirt or soil from all-natural grass or turf surfaces. This method promotes root growth, reduces soil compaction, and thatch buildup to allow for optimal grass growth. Field surfaces go through a lot especially if they are used year-round. Utilizing our aerification process will only help revive and sustain your field surfaces. When it comes to sports field aerification, it’s often overlooked by other landscaping companies. But as the leading sports landscaping company in Boca Raton, we’re the experts. We make sure to leave all of our bases covered.


Utilizing a fertilization program is an important part of field maintenance. Combing our fertilization program with a watering schedule allows for your athletic field to stay green and weed-free year-round. Knowing the proper time to apply fertilizer is essential. Most companies will just apply fertilizer and hope for miracles. Our professionals are trained to make miracles a reality! In order for fertilizer to work properly, optimal soil conditions are required. When soil conditions are not optimal, fertilizing at the wrong times will have little or no effect.


When mowing your athletic field on a regular basis, it plays an intricate part in maintaining your field’s overall health. Since Bermuda grass looks its best when freshly cut, it’s only to your benefit to have it cut regularly. Directional mowing allows you to give your grass a totally different look. Proper mowing techniques can only improve the quality of your playing surface, increase the health of the turf, and decrease weeds. Haverland AG utilizes golf course style mowers on your athletic field to ensure an optimal cut every time.


Overseeding your grass is a process of adding additional seed to your grass or turf. This promotes healthy grass to grow year-round especially avoiding those dry winter months. In this particular instance, Bermuda grass is used throughout the area on athletic fields and natural turf surfaces. By using Bermuda grass, it allows for a clean-cut and robust look when properly maintained. Let  Haverland AG provide our overseeding service to all your playing surfaces during the dry season.


Topdressing is the practice of adding new soil to existing grass or turf surfaces. This helps with leveling out an uneven surface and decomposing of thatch. Sand or compost can also be used as topdressing to help with the absorption of nutrients to the existing soil in order to promote a healthy and rich green color.

Soil Testing

Soil testing is crucial in maintaining your Bermuda turf-grass. By analyzing scientific results, we can determine what your soil is rich with and what your soil is lacking in. Ensuring your turf is getting the necessary nutrients is very important when feeding your turf-grass. Nevertheless, Haverland AG offers soil testing in Fort Lauderdale for any athletic field.


Verticutting is a mowing technique used primarily for the removal of thatch buildup on athletic fields. Similarly, by using this mowing technique it helps remove thatch and allows for more nutrients, moisture, and air to be absorbed by the grass. Ask us how this can be beneficial for your field maintenance needs.

Weed and Pest Control

Pest and weed control management is also an important step in providing beautiful sports field maintenance. Weeds and pests alike, both come in many varieties. Bermuda grass owners deal with an array of weeds and pests. In order to keep your athletic fields weed and pest free, receiving proper treatment regularly is key. Moreover, treating with fertilizing and applying pesticides helps fight against these pesky things.

Equestrian Property Maintenance in Boca Raton

Professional equestrian property maintenance is another specialty we offer. Our experts use only high-quality tools and newest technology to help maintain your equestrian property before and after use in Boca Raton. Maintenance is key, the areas to focus on are: applying fresh grass seed, drainage, soil testing, and manure management. Equestrian field and property maintenance are essential to the performance of your horses. You can trust Haverland AG to provide the best equestrian property maintenance in Boca Raton.

Do You Need Sports Field Maintenance in Boca Raton?

Are your athletic fields showing their age and ready to revitalized? Haverland AG has you covered for all your sports field maintenance needs in Boca Raton. No matter the field, baseball, football, soccer field, or golf course, we are second to none. Whether you are located in Palm Beach, Broward, or Miami-Dade counties, we deploy our professional maintenance teams based on the schedule you need. No matter how often you require our service daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, we accommodate. Haverland AG has turf and field experts alike, ready to service your athletic fields using the newest technology, equipment, and scientific approaches. Above all, Haverland AG is ready to take your sports field maintenance needs to the next level! For sports landscaping in Boca Raton, look no further than Haverland AG.


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