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Have you seen athletic fields, such as a golf course or football field where the turf seemed to be decaying or unhealthy? Those kinds of conditions can make athletic fields unpleasant to use and it damages the long-term health of the turf. The landscaping experts at Haverland AG knows what it takes to revive and sustain turf on your athletic field. Removing small cores of soil from your turf reduces soil compaction and promotes root growth for healthier grass. Without some form of aerification, it can be difficult for your sports field to survive because of soil compaction, especially in dry conditions. Thatch buildup is another problem that core aerification will help alleviate.

Best Aerification Company in Fort Lauderdale

Haverland AG is dedicated to providing you the highest quality service for your athletic field in South Florida. As the top sports field aerification service company, we aim to produce the best results for your sports field. Aerification is an important aspect to sustain and promote a healthy field. Otherwise, the look and use of the field will deteriorate. At Haverland AG, we specialize in maintaining and growing landscape to give you the highest quality athletic field.

How Does Aeration Work in Fort Lauderdale?

Aeration removes thousands of plugs of soil from the turf and deposits them above the thatch. As the plugs break down, soil mixes with the thatch and speeds up the natural process of decomposition. The growth pockets created when the aeration cores are removed put food and water in easy reach of turf roots. The root system of the grass grows toward these pockets and becomes deeper and stronger. Core aeration allows the soil to expand which means roots can penetrate deeper and further. Better roots mean a greener, thicker and healthier turf.

When Should My Fort Lauderdale Turf Be Aerated?

Turf grass such as Bermuda, Zoysia, and St. Augustine is best-aerated mid-spring through summer. This allows the turf to grow a dense root system that helps nourish the grass through Fort Lauderdale’s long, hot summers.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect From My Fort Lauderdale Aerification?

Immediately after aeration, your lawn will be dotted with small plugs pulled from the soil. About 7 to 10 days after aeration, the holes will be filled with white, actively growing roots. Don’t expect miracles from a single aeration, particularly on lawns growing on extremely poor soils. Lawns that receive this care will be healthier, easier to maintain, more vigorous, and have fewer pest problems.

Best Golf Course Aerification Company in Fort Lauderdale

Our aerification services allow you to gain maximum long-term agronomic benefit and meet short-term play objectives.  Golf courses, sports fields, equestrian venues, and other fine turf areas throughout Fort Lauderdale rely on Haverland AG for the best aerification services in Fort Lauderdale.

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By putting together a team of the top aerification experts in the industry, we are able to provide better verification maintenance programs than any of the other companies in Florida. Because we also have extensive experience in designing and constructing sports fields of all kinds, we know what it takes to maintain them while saving on costs and extending the lifespan of the field. For any inquiries about our services, you may call us at (561) 369.7994 or visit our contact page.

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